About Indore Marathon

About Indore Marathon

2017 marked the third edition of Indore Marathon. The decision to host the marathon event in Indore is considered as a big hit with the participants facing the starter & competition in the air. Well this year is expected to be no less exciting. Indore Marathon themed Fourth edition run as HEALTHY INDORE, SMART INDORE……, SMART INDORE aims to contribute to the health & well being of people. With the remarkable completion of the third season, Indore Marathon’s Fourth season is expected to be one of the notable events in the city of Indore.


Beyond helping one to lose or maintain weight, there are lots of other health benefits of marathon. Running will strengthen heart and ensure the efficient flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. Exercise is one of the best ways to naturally reduce blood pressure and keep high cholesterol in check & also improves immune system. OK, so maybe the idea of getting a finishing medal doesn’t get you too excited but — whether it’s a medal, a shirt, or a great finishing photo — the point is that you’ll get a little reward for your efforts. And having a reminder of your accomplishment is always great for a motivation boost.


In addition, Indore marathon even benefits charities & worthwhile causes. Running for something that’s bigger than you is a great way to stay motivated We thank Indore Municipal Corporation, IDA and district administration for providing many services to make the event successful.

Indore Marathon themed second edition run as run for life that continues to contribute to the health of people. The Marathon that is directed towards a meaningful living with a healthy lifestyle,the theme of Indore Marathon encourages people to run for them by promoting their present and future health. It’s believedthat the theme resonates with all runners & inspires each of the runners to finish their task easily without any problem until they achieve the end destination.

Indore Marathons held by a social responsible group associated with organizations around the world promoting 'Running' to create health awareness.Since India is catching up with fast health awareness programs. There are more than 250 marathons events that are being organized in India alone and these numbers are growing rapidly every year. In some advanced cities like Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai etc. They host numerous marathon events every month.

With the successful completion of first season,Indore Marathon second season is going to be one of the premiere events in the city of Indore. The sponsors at Indore Marathon have their own company products that are associated with fastest growing and most exciting athletic events of the world. The sponsorship of the Indore Marathon would not merely mean another logo on a flyer with an affiliation along with Indore Marathon but would give the sponsor a powerful link to the brand following that are dedicated.

People can just put on the shoes and start with running, jogging and walking at the Indore Marathon second season. The journey will be towards a healthy living as it has begun in the first season. Mere time of 20-30 minutes out in the open air would makes a lot of difference to human’s health and the families of the participants. In addition to that, these marathons are able to generate income in crores of rupees to several social initiatives. Just with one Marathon completion they concluded to contribute more than Rs. 20 crore for charity.There are number of runners who participate in Indore Marathon along with people who wish to do jogging, running and walking. These are one among the easiest activities that keeps everyone fit at the cost of nothing. These activities can be done on any day, at any time and also anywhere as it doesn't need any of equipment or machines.

Indore Marathon sponsorship packages are customized to meet the marketing budget and objectives. There are number of sponsors who sponsor the Indore Marathon events. Sponsors can be for presenting the event, associate sponsors, co-sponsors, official sponsors, platinum sponsors, gold sponsors, photo sponsors, hospitality sponsors, and wellness sponsors.

Indore Marathon gives lot of opportunities to the sponsors to attract the spectators and captive audience runners across many regions. Banners, billboards, hoardings, kiosks, press releases and many other outdoor advertising will give an exposure to the brand promoters with sufficient space at the Indore Marathon.

Indore Marathon benefits the sponsors to present an exclusive logo with recognition on water bottles, on T-shirts and finally on the stage banners for brand recognition. Also they will be recognized by their outstanding identification of logo on the marathon website. Indore marathons famous logo will set people to recognize on every hoardings about the participants, place of the events held, time, famous people and finally the reason for which the event is held. Indore Marathon holds a prominent logo with its recognition on the marathon tickets. The rights of the marathon event will be held featured in pre and post event in press releases.


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