Meet Our Pacers
Meet Our Pacers

Meet Our Pacers

A Pacer is an experienced runner who is able to run at a set pace for a long duration of time and sets the speed so the runner can focus on running. In short, Pacers are the Drivers of Marathons who helps another runner set a certain pace and Finish their Race in desired time.

Runners can even use these pacers to help them reach their goals without having to rely on technology, such as a smart watch or GPS to figure out if they are maintaining the correct speed throughout the duration of the race. To make it easier for the Runners, Pacers will wear or carry a sign and run at an even pace.

Those Runners who are looking for ways to hit their Personal Record or Finish their Race in certain time, may run with our Pacers.

Shanthi Krishnan

Bus Time (10k) : 55min

Reshma Goud

Bus Time (10k) : 1hr 00min

Dr. Soniya Shah

Bus Time (10k) : 1hr 10min

Nisha Yadav

Bus Time (10k) : 1hr 20min

Rakesh Dhanda

Bus Time (21.1k) : 1hr 45min

Jasvinder Singh Toor

Bus Time (21.1k) : 1hr 50min

Col Surender Phalswal

Bus Time (21.1k) : 1hr 55min

Ashutosh Vyas

Bus Time (21.1k) : 2hr 00min

Dr. Narendra Dadarwal

Bus Time (21.1k) : 2hr 10min

Dr. Manjeet Singh Rajput

Bus Time (21.1k) : 2hr 15min

Dr. Anand Laddha

Bus Time (21.1k) : 2hr 20min

Dr. Bharat Rawat

Bus Time (21.1k) : 2hr 30min

Dr. Tejas Motiwale

Bus Time (21.1k) : 2hr 40min

Pankaj Tiwari

Bus Time (42.2k) : 4hr 00min

Himanshu Sharma

Bus Time (42.2k) : 4hr 30min

Shalin Trivedi

Bus Time (42.2k) : 4hr 45min

Saurabh jain

Bus Time (42.2k) : 5hr 00min

Tarang Wadhwani

Bus Time (42.2k) : 5hr 15min

Prashant Dixit

Bus Time (42.2k) : 5hr 30min