Marathon Indore Pacers

Marathon Indore Pacers

Marathon Pacers are well experienced runners whose task is to complete the race in the given time. At Indore Marathon, we will have pacers for 21K, who would help you to complete it in 2:00 and 2:30 hrs. In case of 10K race with our pacers you can achieve 1:00 and 1:15 hrs . These pacers will carry a flag of target time. The pacers are experienced runners, generally capable of running faster than the pace is assigned to them.

Health is Wealth it is a motto which is followed by every runner who participates in Marathon at Indore. So do the Pacers of Indore Marathon, they not only focus on sporting competency but also aim to create awareness on most crucial issues that our nation faces. With the vows of making a fun event by displaying sporting expertise and challenges, the Pacers aim to sensitize masses about the social cause for which the marathon is being organized. Pacers group in Marathon promise to get to the finish line with the target through perfect race approach.

Pacers are experienced with running numerous races in the targeted time. They know how to complete the distance of the run at sustained pace in the particular time limit. They flag the race that everyone can follow even at the far distance. With pacer support to Indore Marathon’s participants, will be on the right track for completing their race. It will motivate them to run again at faster pace, once they achieve a specific time.



Name – Avinash Kumar
Distance: 21 KM
Target Time – 2:00 Hours 

Avinash Kumar, 41, is a running enthusiast with 6 full marathons (PB: 4:12) and countless half marathons (PB: 1:49) under his shoe.

Running for him began a little over 4 years ago in Oct 2013 on the insistence of couple of his friends at the IIM organized run. It was an eye opener for him and led to a resolve to improve running. Within 2 months of that run, he ran his first HM at Pune. Which was then followed by many half and full marathons across India (Mumbai 2015, 2016, 2017, Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Goa, Hyderabad, Surat). The mantra behind good running, as per Avinash, is LLM(Legs, Lungs and Mind). With strong legs, large lungs and a stubborn mind no distance is invincible for a runner.

Avinash had paced for 2:00 Hr finish in the last edition of Indore Marathon (2017) as well and brought the bus home successfully in 1:59. He thoroughly enjoyed helping fellow runners finish the run within 2 hours and be part of the sub-2 club. His strategy will be same as last year i.e. to run mildly positive splits, starting with the pace of 6:00, gradually reducing it to 5:35 and then taking it easy towards the end to finish with the pace of 5:40. Anybody who is capable of running 4 to 5k at a stretch with the pace of 5:30 – 5:35 should join this bus. Distance wise splits
would be 5k in 0:29, 10k in 0:56, 15k in 1:24, 20k in 1:53 and 21.1 in 1:59:30. There will be water/walk breaks of 20-25 secs every 4 kms.

Professionally, Avinash is co-founder of Ideavate Solutions, a software development company in Indore.

Name – Dr. Rajesh Bharani

Distance: 21 KM

Target Time – 2:15 Hours 

Dr. Rajesh Bharani an eminent Nephrologist and Kidney Transplant physician of state is rendering his services in Bombay Hospital since last 15 years.

Inspired by senior runners of the city he started running marathons in 2014. His journey started with ADHM 2014. which he ran with preparation of less than 3 week. Thereafter finishing 2 full Marathon and 9 half Marathon including Satara and ladhak hill Marathon was a thrilling experience for him. Running time of marathon improved with every passing Marathon with his personal best for half-marathon being 1hr 59 min.Running a Marathon to him is a meditation which calms his mind, energies his soul and elate up the positive spirit of life. He believes strong mind, adequate physical preparation, proper hydration and good quality shoes are key of successful injury free marathon finish. He  motivated a lot of his patients, people and fellow colleagues for running in last 3 years.

Being a nephrologist, who also deals with fluid and electrolyte balance of body, understands the value of hydration in this endeavoring activity.

Rajesh is pacing for 2:15 hr finish in 21km category. His strategy will be to run mild positive split with 3 small breaks of 30 sec each for hydration at regular interval. For this run his motto is to complete run in time
with joy and fun without injury.


Name – Varun Bokadia

Distance: 21 KM

Target Time – 2:00 Hours

Varun Bokadia is a Mechanical Engineer and Entrepreneur who works to innovate and modernise fencing industry in India. He has a manufacturing unit where they make machine for making Welded Wire Mesh and various form of fences for variety of applications. Running gives, him an inspiration to get better and better in all aspects of life and it keep me active all day.

He is a strong believer of keeping body and muscle hydrated throughout the week not only during the run. Consuming 4-5 litres of water at equal intervals per day(200ml every 40 mins) keeps body hydrated and eliminates the chances of cramps during the race. If you do so there is no requirement of hydration during the race. However, for some runners staying hydrated all week is not feasible so the best strategy is to keep some seedless Raisin (Kismish) or consume orange pieces which are available during the race. Hydration in form of oranges is best option
because it does not reduce your speed (hassle free in comparison to any liquid)and gives required salts to the body.

Name – Pooja Gawas

Distance: 21 KM

Target Time – 2:45Hours

Pooja Gawas, is a distance runner whose life changed when she took to running a couple of years ago. Her first ever 10 km in March 2015 run fetched Pooja the podium finish as 1st runners up, and that’s where her journey began. Adrenaline kicked in and there were a couple of other podiums to follow at other 10 km events.

However, the big 21 km was still a dream to achieve. Pooja, whose hometown is Pune, has been closely associated with Pune Running. Under their tutelage, she gained a steady progression in distances and completed her debut HM at ‘Pune Running Beyond Myself – Oct 2015’, followed by SCMM – Jan 2016, amongst multiple other events. The Durshet Forest Marathon in June 2016 (32 km), HM at the highest ever running event in India, The Ladakh Marathon – Sept 2016 and her first attempt at the FM at Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) 2017 are a few memorable events she can never forget.

She has been part of various events organized by Pune Running, either as a runner, or organizing committee member. However, Pooja find the ultimate satisfaction in her way of giving back to the running community, by running a bus a group of enthusiastic new runners at various events that she has been an official pacer for.

Pooja will be pacing the 2:45 bus and would like you all to run with her and she will ensure you are strong and smiling till the finish line!


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