Academy of Indore Marathoners (AIM) is a nonprofit organization that was formed to conduct Marathon in Indore every year from time to time to all category of people i.e. Full time, part time, Dream Runners, Veterans, or disability to help increase grassroots participation for a safe, enjoyable and learning experience. We aim to achieve this through the widest voluntary collaboration with the existing bodies and local associates of Indore.

Results & E-certificates

Results & E-certificates for Indore Marathon 2020

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Prizes For Indore Marathon 2020

Awarded prizes for Indore Marathon 2020

The Prizes for different categories will be announced soon.
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The Team

People Behind The Event

Every event need a team of committed and sincere individuals.
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We would like to thank our sponsors and partners for being so generous in sponsoring and supporting 6th Edition of Marathon 2020.


The below results are provisional only and are subject to change. In case of any questions/query, you can call +91 91119-99280.

42k- Open National Male
Bib No.NameTime
456Patle G.B.02:37:06
396Naveen Chouhan02:51:55
230Abhishek Soni02:53:53
42k- Open National Female
Bib No.NameTime
441Raj Kumari03:29:49
369Chaitali Uikey04:20:04
416Amisha Jain04:31:58


All you need to know about 6th Edition INDORE MARATHON 2020

The 6th edition of Indore Marathon will be held on 02 Feb 2020. Indore Marathon is the most popular and the largest running event in central India. Since its inception in 2015, Indore Marathon is known for its quality and reliability which is at par with any International Marathon worldwide.

This year Indore Marathon will witness a Full Marathon of 42.2 KM. We expect the runners from all over, to participate and make this edition a memorable one.

The theme for Indore Marathon this year will be “Say no to addiction”.

We look forward to seeing you with your friends and family on 2nd Feb 2020


These are our memories of last five years.