Academy of Indore Marathoners (AIM) is a nonprofit organization that was formed to conduct Marathon in Indore every year from time to time to all category of people i.e. Full time, part time, Dream Runners, Veterans, or disability to help increase grassroots participation for a safe, enjoyable and learning experience. We aim to achieve this through the widest voluntary collaboration with the existing bodies and local associates of Indore.


Attractive prizes are in offering.

Like every year, Indore Marathon will be giving away attractive prizes in various categories. To know more about these prizes click here.

Runner's Clinic

AIM is running free of cost training camp for runners.

These centers are located in different parts of the city with aim to train people in Long Distance Running. To know more about these centers   click here .

The Team

About the people behind the event.

People from all walk of life have come together for the cause of healthy and smart Indore. To know more about the people behind this event click here .


We would like to thank our sponsors and partners for being so generous in sponsoring and supporting 5th Edition of Indore Marathon 2019.


The below results are provisional only and are subject to change. In case of any questions/query, you can call +91 91119-99280.

21k- Open National Male
Bib No.NameTime
2344Pankaj Pardeshi01:15:14
1450Ajay Kumar01:16:14
21k- Open National Female
Bib No.NameTime
2501Dimple Singh01:20:07


All you need to know about 5th Edition Marathon 2019

Indore Marathon to be held on 03 Feb 2019 will be our 5th edition. Like every year, this year is also expected to be exciting. Indore Marathon aims to contribute to the health & well being of people. With the remarkable completion of the four seasons, Indore Marathon’s Fifth season is expected to be one of the most attended sporting event in the city of Indore.


Beyond helping one to lose or maintain weight, there are lots of other health benefits of marathon. Running will strengthen heart and ensure the efficient flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. Exercise is one of the best ways to naturally reduce blood pressure and keep high cholesterol in check & also improves immune system. OK, so maybe the idea of getting a finishing medal doesn’t get you too excited but — whether it’s a medal, a shirt, or a great finishing photo — the point is that you’ll get a little reward for your efforts. And having a reminder of your accomplishment is always great for a motivation boost.


These are our memories of last five years.