Reshma Goud
Reshma Goud

Reshma Goud


Reshma Goud

Bus Time : 1hr 00min

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RESHMA GOUD is an athlete and podium finisher in the following marathons.

1. SBI Green Marathon 2020(jaipur)10 k.m. Overall 1st position (40.46)
2. Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020(Mumbai)10 k.m. overall 2nd position (42.24)
3. IDBI kolkata Marathon 2020(kolkata)10 k.m. overall 3rd position (42.28)
4. Lotus 10k colour run 2019(Indore)10 k.m. overall 1st position (43.29)
5. Bajaj Allianz Pune Half Marathon 2019(pune)Age category 1st position (42.43)
6. Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2019(Delhi)10 k.m. Age category 2nd position (44.24)
7. Adani Ahmedabad Marathon 2022(Ahmedabad)10 k.m.Age category 1st position (44.36)
8. Indore Marathon 2019(Indore)21 k.m. District category 1st position (1.36.14)
9. Indore Marathon 2018 (Indore)21 k.m. District category 1st position (1.33.52)
10. Summer Run Marathon 2018 (Jaipur) 30 k.m. overall 1st position (2.12.20)
11. Moon Run ultra Marathon 2018 (Surat)4Hour overall 1st position
12. Malnad ultra marathon 2018 (karnataka)50 k.m. 1 UTMB point
13. Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023 10 K. 46.9 min.( Age category) 1st position ( Podium Finisher).